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"I.C.E" Released and Available Now!

Ghosthill preorderNew 3d album available now!

Enjoy of 10-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just any other format you could possibly desire.

Also you can order the album in Extra Limited Edition in awesome digipack case with the 12 page booklet inside!

And don't miss our -25% discount for buying all 3 Ghosthill's powerfull albums!

Buy Now:      I.C.E

01.04.2016 - Uncoming Polish Tour 2016!

Gather around folks! It's been a while since we had published any info on our deeds. Well, it's just coz we've been dealing with something very special! Get ready to get hit by the power of Metal! We start off with our own festival named "Konigsberg Rocks Out" which is about to take place in Poland this Spring! The best bands of our home region are going to share the stage with us in 4 cities across the country. We are super excited about the upcoming event, and you... Make sure you don't miss it! Stay Tuned for more news!

Polish Tour 2016

12.02.2016 - Release Date!

So,People! Very long expectations come to an end! And we are glad to tell you the release of an album I.C.E will take place April 1, 2016! Then the presentation of our new video clip of a track "Vega" will also take place. Pre-sales of a new album are coming soon! Follow the news!

18.01.2016 - I.C.E coming soon!

Ladys and Gentlemen! A lot of work was done by us for the last 3 years and it will be a lot. We are ready to tell you, our dear listeners and fans, about the most powerful and the most cool 3d album of Ghosthill called: 
I.C.E (Impulse of Cruel Emotions). 
For you we composed 10 tracks filled with the atmosphere of cold and heat, cruelty and kindness, hatred and love. The album turned out versatile therefore everyone will be able to find something individual for itself! The date of release will become known very soon! Now we prepare for our surprises which will happen quicker than very soon! Power Metal Forever!

Track list:

1 - Corruption
2 - Under the Gun
3 - Vega
4 - Fringe
5 - Age of Shadows
6 - Envy
7 - Conspiracy Theory
8 - Hold Me Stronger
9 - I.C.E
10 - X-Chromosome

16.01.2016 - Good News!

Almost done with the mixing and mastering of our new 3d album! It is very exciting for us and for you too! All information about new awesome album will be published in a couple of days!


12.01.2015 New video clip!

We are glad to report to you that Ghosthill started to shooting a new video clip on a new track from the 3d album. The track is called "Vega". Behind the first film-making day! Watch the news!

05.06.2014 LEO came back!

LEO came back! 4 years later after leaving the band in 2010 Leonid Bogoutdinov came back to Ghosthill! We are inexpressibly happy! Lyonya, welcome to a board!



16.01.2014 Serj left the band!

To a great regret the band was left by a bassist Serj (Sergey Ziborov). Right now Ghosthill searching a new bassist for work in the band. Who becomes the new member of group, we find very soon! Watch for the news!



13.11.2013 New Gigs added!

NEW GIGS ADDED! 14.12.2013 Ghosthill at Russian Bourelom Festival in Smolensk and 28.12.2013 at Rock Elka Festival in Kaliningrad, Russia! Let's power!


18.05.2013 New video clip!

Ghosthill are preparing for the shooting a new video! The beginning of shootings is planned for the end of July 2013. Watch for the news!

25.02.2013 The first show in Lithuania!

23.03.2013 Ghosthill will play at Underground pub (Kaunas, LT) with The Sloe band! Come everyone to rock with us!

22.11.2012 - Ghosthill in ROCK HARD magazine (Greece)

Review on "Flying Through Imagination" on most respected title in Europe

"ROCK HARD magazine" (Greece) Check it out!

28.10.2012 - Review of 'Flying Through Imagination' now on Ravenheart!


(Self Release) Reviewed 24th October 2012

Ghosthill were born in 2009 in the western Russian coastal city of Kalingrad, on the cold and forbidding Baltic Sea, and they wasted no time in recording their début album, 'Embrace of a Chasm', released in 2010. Their music hovers around bands like Amberian Dawn and Wildpath, gliding from powerful rocking riffage to fast and furious flurries, with loads of imaginative musical bits and pieces and changes of tempo. During those flurries, drummer John shows that he has got to be one of the quickest on the planet, at times he's peddling faster than Bradley Wiggings with his pants on fire, creating an extraordinary skipping rhythmic blur. But they are never hurried or frantic, there's always a great song with loads of melody at the heart of their music, where sensuous new singer Margo can display her powerful rock voice with a distinctive sexy snarl which reminds me of Wereworld's Ana Rochas. Guitarist Val Metal provides an awesome sound, with those drums sounding particularly impressive. The stunning ballad 'Sometimes in my Heart' features a duet with Ivan Efimov from the band The Sloe as well as saxophone, it is very strange that since its heyday in the 80's when almost every song had a sax solo, this versatile and expressive instrument, perhaps the closest to the human voice, has almost totally vanished, to the point where it's now a novelty. Other great songs include the terrific opener 'My Garden of Seasons' (video on Female Voices), the dynamic 'In Cage' featuring Chucky, a lady who sings with Kropot and Boyanoz Gimn, the electro infused 'It Can't Rain All The Time' with it's phenomenal storming drumming, and the closing title epic, 'Flying Through Imagination'. Ghosthill have achieved an alliance between terrific tunes and thrilling flights of vivacious velocity. Ravenheart Music

19.10.2012 - Ghosthill on Respect Fest

October 7, 2012 The Ghosthill played on Respect Fest-2 in Kaliningrad, Russia! It was awesome, energetic crowd!!! Thanks to all you guys!!!! There are some video.

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